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This Week’s Japan Moosletter

March 19, 2010

Japan News + Cows = The Japan Moosletter

1. Japanese cats that talk? (@cnngo)

2. Japan Airline uniforms sold to sex industry (@nihongoup @ethnicwomen)

3. Jake Adelstein on Japan’s uniform fetish. Interview with ABC Radio Australia (@max_hodges)

4. Yamanote Line Sound Map ( @japundit)

5. Learn about Japanese urban legends (@PinkTentacle @cnngo)

6. Photoblog of stray cats, Tokyo Neko Monogatari (Tokyo Cat Story), published as coffee-table book by Kadokawa (@japan_pulse)

7. Railways hope ‘maids’ attract riders (@japundit)

8: Medal from first modern Olympics stolen from Tokyo museum (@JapanReporter)

10. Hello Kitty Collection Watches (@BuddhasBath)

World Bovine News

11. Finally, software that measures B.S. (@barunsen)

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