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Planet Japan Podcast No. 175:Chinese Pajama Crisis

March 23, 2010

Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 175 – The Chinese Pajama Crisis

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We open the show on a nostalgic note by re-enacting some comic highlights from the old Hollywood Squares show from the 70’s.

We got some fun email from Christopher, Gabriel, Cory, and Keren. Check out Christopher’s cool art and podcast!

In our Cool Stuff on the Internet corner, we look at a great online learning system called, and check out a new movie stock exchange called The Cantor Exchange.

The Cove, the American movie that exposed the practice of killing dolphins in Japan, won this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary.

First China tries to squelch Google, now they’re going after pajamas! Shanghai has a campaign to discourage people from wearing pajamas in public, seeing as the World Expo is coming soon, and foreigners will be scrutinizing the fashion choices of local residents.

We give out two Dick of the Week awards this time. The first one goes to a Japanese monk who came up with a novel way to pay back his pachinko debts, and the second one goes to a school district in Pennsylvania that has been accused of using webcams to spy on their students at home!

This week’s Religion Corner takes a look at a couple of stories that meet at the corner of Religion and Porn. They involve a Bible/porn exchange and gay porn in church. Doug also talks about his new debate with The Preacher.

We have an update on the release of the new iPad in Japan, and Doug invites students of English to join his new Email English Writing lessons. Take a free trial lesson by sending an email to

We close the show with an encore performance of a song called Japanese People, from a very unique band from California by the name of The Argyle Pimps, courtesy of Music Alley.

That’s it for this time. Thanks for listening!

To hear more, visit the PLANET JAPAN website!

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