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This Week’s Japan Moosletter

March 26, 2010

1. Worst-ever name for a wine bar (photo) @JapanInfoNet @tokyorich)

2. Decorators give Tokyo condos a kawaii look (@JapanLite)

3 Guide to cherry blossom viewing in Japan (@ashuttleworth @maxtakano )

4.  Association set up to help all the Suzuki families in Japan get in touch ( @JapanReporter)

5.  10 US Celebrities in Wacky Japanese Commercials (video) (@WiseFreeman @zonjineko @localjapantimes)

6. Useful iPhone apps for traveling in Japan when you don’t know Japanese (@japundit)

7. Bad luck flushed down the toilet (@japundit)

8. Japanese Journalism is Collapsing (@JapanIntercult )

9. Tokyo based photographer snapping host clubs speaks to CNNGo (@cnngo)

10 : Yummy insects you make by/for yourself (@injapanese)

World Bovine News

11. Fanta Moo Moo White (photo)(@BlogLinkJapan)

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