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Planet Japan Podcast Ep 176: Bring on the Bears!

March 31, 2010


We open the show with an extended discussion of condom use in Japan.

The U.S. Defense Department has released some of the more interesting (and amusing) ideas for keeping America safe. Our favorite has to do with bears.

From the Email bag: “Rainbow in the Dark” wrote to tell us about an interesting project in Russia, and Parrot has a great blog called The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge, a guide to all things skeptical.

JR reminded us that we haven’t done Nihongo a Go Go for awhile, so we’ve taken his advice and will feature a Japanese idiom and a Japanese onomatopia on each show. This week’s idiom is Me ga tobasu (my eyes flew out of my head), and our onomatopia is pera pera, which means “fluently.”

We have a followup to our story about the Christian pastor in Uganda who showed gay porn to his congregation.

Our Dick of the Week is a politician from New Hampshire whose joke about anime fell flat. Way flat.

The Tech Corner features Japan’s very first electric taxis.

And last (and perhaps least), we look at the new penchant for some Japanese men to wear skirts.

We close the show with some indie rock from an Ohio group called Earwig, and a song called Japanese Girlfriend. It’s courtesy of

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!

To listen to more PLANET JAPAN episodes, please visit our WEBSITE.

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