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This week’s moosletter

April 9, 2010

Top 10 Moos on Japan

1. Worst-ever name for a wine bar (photo) (@dtokyorich @JapanInfoNet)

2. How to use SoftBank prepaid on your US iPhone (@localjapantimes)

3. 4.5 million Japanese users on Twitter (@JapanIntercult @btraxinc)

4. For Some Japanese Women, Anime Posters Are Worse Than Cockroaches (@akigibbons @Wendy_Tokunaga)

5. Hello Kitty Collection Watches, only US$700 (@BuddhasBath)

6. The Connection between Sakura and Mount Fuji (@Muzachan)

7. Yummy insects you make by/for yourself (@injapanese)

8. Samurai swordsman slices baseball in half (@inocima)

9. 100 of the best Japanese language learning resources (@tofugu)

10. Photos from Japan Penis Festival (@TweetMeetJapan @mqtodd)

World Bovine News

Two thousand citizens tell city to leave cow on roof (@GuyGranger)

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