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Visit Japan Campaign courts cows

April 10, 2010

COW Beauty Soap, Japan’s best known brand of soap, is made with cow’s milk

The Visit Japan Campaign, a campaign to attract more foreign visitors to Japan, is offering free COW brand soap to visitors from overseas. There’s just one catch: you have to be bovine. The free COW soap giveaway is an attempt to thwart accusations by certain bovine rights groups who claim that, up until now, the campaign has discouraged cows from visiting this country because of fears of Mad Cow disease.

Visit Japan Campaign spokesperson, Yakitori Taro-san, refuted the claims saying, “To deny entry to certain cows based on race would be detrimental to our campaign. The 98 million cows in the U.S. and 130 million in China are of particular interest to us.”

When asked about what the cows might find attractive about Japan as a travel destination, Yakitori-san mentioned Hokkaido, Kobe and the Moooo! Bar in Okayama.

“We love cows from all over the world and hope they will all come visit Japan. To show our appreciation, we are offering every bovine who manages to get through quarantine, a bar of our best-known soap brand, “COW beauty soap.”

He even gave a moo.

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