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Planet Japan Podcast – Ep 177: Interview With a Cow

April 13, 2010


We open the show with a big surprise visit from a cow named Dazey May. Her distinctive moo may be familiar to longtime Planet Japan listeners. Dazey May came in to let us know about a brand-new website called the Humor-Us Guide to Japan. It’s a great place to read about all things Japan, and is sure to cause you to chuckle or even laugh out loud. Planet Japan is proud to be a part of the new site – each episode will now be available through the Humor-Us site!

Dazey May fills us in on the famous Cow Nose Ring festival here in Okayama, as well as Akebono’s new affiliation with cows.

Parrot wrote to assure us that the Einstein quote on his Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge blog was indeed the real deal, and the archangel Gabriel brought us a message from God.

Gabriel was kind enough to provide this week’s Nihongo a Go Go. The Japanese onomotopia is “niya niya,” which means to smirk in a George Bushian fashion. The Japanese idiom is “neko o kaburu,” which translates to “wearing a cat on your head,” and means that a person is two-faced.

Gomyo has alerted us to a cool new book. Susan Tennant has created an English translation of Musume Junreiki. It’s Takamure Itsue’s famous account of her pilgrimage in 1918 when she was 24, and the exciting adventures she had along the way. It’s widely believed to be the inspiration for the “Wizard of Oz.” (Okay, I made up that last part.)

We introduce people to the Shinjuku Cheerleader, who stands out in front of the station every day, dressed in her sexy cheerleader outfit, attempting to cheer up salarymen in these dark economic times.

In this week’s Tech Corner, we learn about a cell phone ringtone that will cure your hayfever! Really! It’s magic!

This week’s Dick of the Week is Jack Cassell, a Florida urologist who posted a sign which said “If you voted for Obama, please seek your urologic care elsewhere,” which of course resulted in a genuine brouhaha.

Another brouhaha has erupted in England, where a small town is attempting to become a sister city with a Japanese city. Unfortunately, some of the townfolk are still sore about that whole World War II thing, and are trying to gum up the works.

We close the show with a group from Nashville, Tennessee called The National Pool and a song called Japan, which may explain why some of us are here. The song is courtesy of

That’s it for now! Thanks for listening!

Visit the Planet Japan website to listen to more episodes!

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