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Beef Bowl Economics

April 14, 2010

The beef bowl in question

Have you herd the new buzzword in Japan? Beef bowl economics.

According to an article in the New York Times, by @hirokotabuchi, the “dirt cheap” prices of beef bowls at fast beef restaurants in Japan such as Yoshinoya, (with 1,560 stores) is a sign of deflationary measures and hard times in Japan. We cows are worried that these cheap beef bowls are damaging our reputation as “cash cows.”

Cows have always been viewed as bringing prosperity to humans, whether through dairy products or as meaty morsels doled out to the public in the form of hamburgers, meatballs, yakiniku and beef bowls. It’s one thing to have Aunt Bessie and Uncle Bull appearing in completely different bowls or pots around the nation, but when they undercut our value and decrease prices to 100 yen burgers or 270 yen beef bowls, we no longer can feel we are sacrificing ourselves for a good cause. We don’t want to be  associated with this deflationary spiral.

When the first Yoshinoya restaurant opened in Tokyo in 1899, beef was a delicacy. Look how far we haven’t come!

We are completely behind Shahidul Islam Khan, the Tokyo taxi driver from Bangladesh who said, “The next ban should be “Don’t eat beef!”



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