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Beef Bowl Economics 2: Kau power!

April 15, 2010

You think it’s hard being a foreigner in Japan? Imagine how difficult it is for a cow!

A cow in Japan is not only a foreigner, but also a Japanese verb: Kau (かう, 買う), to buy. “Buy” is a business-oriented word, implying trading, as used in “buying and selling.” Perhaps that’s where the term cash cow comes from.

In fact, us cows have always been bought and sold, and we are the true origins of the “stock market.” And the stock market means just one thing: money.

While in other countries, we are nouns grazing in the field or lying around chewing our cuds, in Japan we are inside the barn working 12-hour shifts. Whereas a cow in the U.S. or Australia has lots of vacation and free time to spend with their herds, in Japan work always comes first.

But as Japan’s economy continues its downward spiral in a deflationary phenomenon coined Beef Bowl Economics, only cows have the power to turn the economy around. Because only cows can influence consumers to buy (kau)!

It’s all about Cow Power.

So, c’mon Japan: Cow!

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