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US Proposes moving Futenma Air Base further out to sea

April 20, 2010

With the controversy surrounding the relocation of Futenma Marine Air Corps Station, the United States recently countered the latest proposal, by offering to move Okinawa Island itself 400 kilometers further out into the Pacific Ocean.

According to the US government, the new proposal should alleviate all fears about noise pollution or relations between base personnel and Okinawan civilians. As one high ranking government official said, “If we put Futenma and the entire island in the middle of the ocean, there is no chance of further complaints by residents, as they are simply too far away to make themselves heard.”

Japanese officials admit the isolation of Okinawa would ensure better relations between the base and civilians, as they will have little  contact with the outside world, and would have to rely on each other.

Although Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama declined to make any direct comment on the new proposal, he reasserted his commitment to the issue with another heartfelt vow:  “If I cannot resolve this issue to please every side and ensure my own political status, I swear to send my wife back to Venus to live with Tom Cruise.”


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