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Health Notice regarding Miyazaki Cows

April 25, 2010

An article in the The Japan Times stated that the Farm Ministry on Friday reported that three cows from Miyazaki Prefecture have been diagnosed with foot and mouth disease. As a result, the Moooo! Bar will implement the following precautionary measures over Golden Week:

All Miyazaki cows are banned from entering the Moooo! Bar.

Miyazaki cows returning from abroad may enter as long as their passports prove they have not returned to Miyazaki since they re-entered Japan.

High-ranking official cows from Miyazaki may enter providing they pass the following screening procedures and have 通行手形 (tsuuko tegaku–permission to travel) secured from the Miyazaki Prefectural office.

All cows entering the Moooo! Bar will be hoof-printed, and ear tag number recorded.

All cows will be photographed with ear tag clearly visible. (No hijabs, miqabs, burqas or chadors).

There will be a simple mouth inspection required to make sure there is no foot inside.

In addition:

Entry barred to any cows that have been on a pig farm during the past 3 years (May as well take precautionary measures against Swine Flu while we’re at it!)

Our usual anti-terror laws apply: No entry to “Cows with Guns,”  those carrying explosives, or those with excessive methane gas build-up.

Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Moooo! Bar

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