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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

April 27, 2010
  1. Newborn Malayan tapir on display at zoo in Tokyo: (@JapanReporter)
  2. Prices for Adult Japanese game voice actors (@japanudit)
  3. Head up to Yanagimori Shrine to see statues of tanuki with giant testicles (@cnngo)
  4. While satire isn’t a staple among Japanese humorists, two kings of comedy are leading the way (@japan_pulse)
  5. Try banana au lait, a new drink in the refrigerators in Japan (@cnngo)
  6. Japanese Airport Gives Free Showers to Dirty Foreigners (@BlogLinkJapan)
  7. NEC set to release 3D personal computer (@mdnjp)
  8. The Sakamoto Ryoma craze (@newsonjapan)
  9. The final death of the floppy disk (@michaelpinto)
  10. Darth Vader is alive and now working in Japan for NTT Docomo (@shibuya246)
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