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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 178 – Does Cleavage Cause Earthquakes?

May 2, 2010

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We open the show with a celebration of Boobquake – the brainchild of an Indiana student who decided she would test the theory put forth by an Iranian cleric who claimed that earthquakes are caused by scantily-clad women.

A woman in England is claiming that an accident on her Wii video game system has resulted in a unique condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Oh dear.

Parrot sent us some info on a popular new Japanese book that has been translated into English. “The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P” is the story of a woman with a rather unusual physical deformity.

In our Religion Corner, the Christian world has been thrown into a tizzy by the shocking news that a popular Christian singer, Jennifer Knapp, is a lesbian. Check out her appearance on Larry King Live and read the debate between The Preacher and The Skeptic.

Philip James Conran is our Dick of the Week for the ad on he placed on Craigslist pretending to be the neighbor lady, and inviting everyone over for an orgy.

It’s time once again to ask our lovely listeners to help support Planet Japan by donating to the cause. You can just go to and send whatever you can afford to Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A new soft drink with a familiar name has surfaced in Bolivia. Coca Colla is being sold as a refreshing beverage with just a hint of the coca leaf.

This week’s Nihongo a Go Go includes the idiom “me o nusumu.” It means “steal someone’s eyes” and is used to mean that you’re hiding something from somebody. Our onomatopoeia is “hara hara,” and is used to talk about something that is fluttering. It can also mean that you’re nervous.

In the Tech Corner, we examine the coming explosion of mind-reading robots and have sad news about the Apple iPad in Japan.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening!

Visit the Planet Japan website for more episodes!

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