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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week No.7

May 8, 2010
  1. Padded bras are the norm in Japan (@japan_pulse)
  2. Man climbs into a young woman’s car and forces her to drive around (@newsonjapan)
  3. Introduction to shochu (@washingtong_post)
  4. Kansai-ben Tongue Twister (video) (@wazi_san)
  5. 1930’s Japan in colour (video) (@JojiSensei)
  6. Tsukiji: 9 Things NOT to do at a tuna auction at the Biggest Fish Market in the World! (@kennymah)
  7. Shinshu Sake Festival, May 11 (@JapanEats)
  8. Vegetarian sushi? Yes, I am a fan (believe it or not!) (@MelindaJoe)
  9. Japanese tradition: the wife manages the family budget (@WhatJapanThinks)
  10. Male cosmetics in Japan (@Japanlite @tokyo_telephone)
  11. International Bovine News:  Cows make lousy houseguests, Arkansas woman learns (with some great photos!) (@moooobar)

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