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gogatsubyo五月病 (May Sickness)

May 10, 2010

Dear Udder:

The cherry blossoms are gone, Golden Week is finished –  what else can I look forward to, in the city, other than rainy season and the unbearable summer heat?

Drained in Osaka

Dear Drained:

Take a deep breath, Drained, and make your moooo long and mournful.  It sounds like you are suffering from ‘May Sickness’ or go gatsu byo here in Japan.

Don’t let the blues sour your milk. May is typically a bit of a let-down after the start of a new fiscal year, the exciting but glaring reminder of mortality that is cherry blossom season, and the Golden Week holidays. There is sure to be a period of adjustment.

Why not take the bull by the horn and start something new?  Take up a new hobby, resolve to walk more every day, change your daily pattern, even if just grazing in a different spot – anything to moove away from the mundane.  Japanese welcome the ajisai (hydrangea) season here, and a traipse in the countryside to enjoy these colorful, long lasting blooms, may ease your heart.

A wise cow knows, there is a season for everything, even the blues.

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