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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

May 19, 2010
  1. Junji Koyama – Veggie Music Man (video) (via Japanprobe)
  2. Japan’s prime minister under fire for fashion choices (@japansoc)
  3. Japan Lite: Are we Kobo Daishi freaks? (@japantimes_life
  4. Awesome Wiener Sculptures (@BlogLinkJapan)
  5. Video: The Japanese Approach to Fish (@BlogLinkJapan)
  6. On the road to paradise: a cycling pilgrimage to 88 Shikoku temples (@Wendy_Tokunaga)
  7. Japanese women can now wear a rice-growing bra (@ElegSufficiency)
  8. Photo Essay: Ukishima factory walk at night! Eerie, otherworldly landscapes (@blender)
  9. Tokyo Tower (photo) Heavy Metal (@localjapantimes)
  10. The Power of Cute (@tokyo_telephone)
  11. International Bovine News: The Quantum Pontiff: A Mathematical Model for the Dynamics and Synchronization of Cows (@dabacon)

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