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How to Keep up with the Suzukis

May 20, 2010

Dear Udder:

I’ve just moooved from the countryside to Tokyo, and all the cows here are so fashionable, but I hardly have enough money to pay for my 160,000 yen two room apartment in Shinjuku.  How can I keep up with the Suzuki’s?

Unfashionable in Tokyo

Dear Unfashionable:

I behoove you to reevaluate why exactly you feel such a need to be part of the fashion herd in Tokyo.  What enlightens you may not enlighten the herd.  Evaluate your priorities:  why do you live in a 160,000 yen apartment? Why Shinjuku?  Materialism, especially in Tokyo, can stifle any cow’s path to enlightenment.  Chant five sutras and practice your breathing, every time you feel tempted by the latest trend.  Alternatively, you could settle down with one bull; social rules in Japan dictates that a wife and mother cow need no longer concern themselves with fashion.


Udder Smith

Got a question about Japan for Udder Smith? Ask in the comments section and she’ll answer your question next week.

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