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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week No. 8

May 28, 2010

1. StarSuite7 – Amazing She Birthed Horse (@wtfjapan)

2. Fun page where you can listen to the pronunciation of different Japanese foods (@JapaneseFood)

3. BBC video report on the scene train thru the Japan Alps (@barryintokyo)

4. Zero Life – Depression In A Can (photo) (@BlogLinkJapan)

5. Gigantic Titanic Japanese Love Hotel

6. What’s the policy on tattoos in onsen and public baths in Japan? (@MtFujiRocks, @The_Geisha)

7. The adorable kitsch of the USSR’s dog astronauts (@debaoki@io9)

8. Planning on climbing Mount Fuji this year? Info to help you plan (@tokyo_apartment@tokyotopia)

9. Hello Kitty Stamps (@BlogLinkJapan)

10. Morinosuke Kawguchi: Peace on Earth via the Japanese toilet English version. If you understand Japanese, the Japanese version is even better (@JapanLite)


Bloodless Bull Fighting in Okinawa (@moooobar)

To follow any of the above people on Twitter, just click on their Twitter name, ex: @humorusjapan

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