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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 180 – Tadpoles From Heaven

June 7, 2010



The iPad has finally arrived in Japan, and Doug takes it for a test drive.

We introduce a service in Japan that lets you rent wedding guests if you don’t have enough friends, and explore the trendy new “double happy service” wedding phenomenon.

Our Dick of the Week is a doctor who was less than supportive of his girlfriend when he found out she was pregnant.

The debate over American bases on Okinawa has claimed Prime Minister Hatoyama as a victim, who resigned over his lack of leadership in the matter and the confusion he caused.

This week’s Nihongo a Go Go includes the idiom “me ga takai” – which literally means “high eyes” and is used to talk about someone with expensive tastes. Our onomatopoeia is “peko peko,” which means “hungry” or also can refer to a head-bobbing motion.

And finally, we examine the mysterious case of tadpoles falling from the sky in Japan. I’m guessing it’s because of global warming, but I could be wrong.

We close the show with some Nashville rock from the Steve Palmer Band and a song called “Nothin’ To Do.” It’s from their debut CD “Apparition,” and is courtesy of

That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening!

(To listen to past episodes of Planet Japan, please visit our website!)

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