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Top 10 Moos on Japan This Week

June 8, 2010

1. CNNGo’s photo gallery of Japan’s most high-tech scooters (@Visit_Japan)

2. Video: The modern capsule hotel in Japan (@watashi_tokyo)

3. Video: Introducing Oktoberfest in Hibiya Park, Tokyo (@JapanEats)

4. iPad Used During Surgery in Japan (@japan_pulse)

5. Photo:  弓道 Japanese Archery (@japansoc)

6. The seeds of unfaithfulness in Japan (@whatjapanthinks)

7. Yoshida becomes the first woman to pitch professionally in the United States in a decade (@808armada)

8.Photo: Sleeping on the train, Japan style (@takayukifukatsu @tokyotopia @barryintokyo)

9. Hello Kitty on Tappit: Twitter App for iPhone (@BlogLinkJapan)

10. Toilet paper promotes election, raises political awareness (@Japan_Blogs)

International Bovine News:

11. Photo: A Moo Cow car! (@MtFujiRocks @Genshin)

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