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Ask Udder Smith:How can I break the conformity of this society?

June 9, 2010

Dear Udder:

I am a boisterous Aussie, having a hard time in Tokyo.  No one smiles nor interacts on the trains nor the streets; every day I seem to face a wall of sameness, identical bovines herded to separate destinations.  How can I break the confines of this strict society?

Homogenized  in Shibuya

Dear Shibuya:

First, take a deep breath and realize you are judging Japanese society from the outside, literally, in the outdoors.  There are certain conformities that must be followed, in order for such a massive herd to conduct itself with little crime and frustration on a daily basis.  Once you get into the interior of Japanese life, by joining a sports club team, by trying martial arts or anything that breaks you out of the typical foreigners circles –there are as many individuals and free spirits as in any other society.

To alleviate your feelings of isolation, why not strive for a little guerrilla comedy in your every day?  See this article from The Japan Times for details.

No society has a monopoly on conformity; dig a little deeper, within yourself and within Japan, to find like-minded moooovers.


Udder Smith

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