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Inaka Dictionary: 牛のおっぱい Cow Udder

June 11, 2010

おっぱい stools at the Moooo! Bar

Guess how you say “udder” in Japanese? “Oppai,” the same word used for womens’ breasts! So to be clear about what you’re talking about, you should probably say, “ushi no oppai,” or “cow breasts,” if that is what you mean.

We at Humor-Us find it very peculiar that the Japanese language would not have a special name for this very special, very cute, part of the heifer anatomy. It is possible that the Japanese don’t distinguish between cows and people?

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  1. June 11, 2010 3:15 pm

    (牛・ヤギなどの)乳房 (ちぶさ), 乳腺(にゅうせん).
    chibusa, nyuusen

    お乳 (御乳) おちち ochichi, o-chichi, udder
    (Euter in German for the international cowboys)
    I love your udder chairs of the MOOOO BAR !


  2. humorusguidetojapan permalink*
    June 11, 2010 3:32 pm

    I believe those are all additional words that mean the same thing. For example, Kotoba Dictionary uses as an example sentence 乳房にしこりがあります with the translation: “I have a lump in my breast.” Most of these words seem interchangeable between the uddered and non-uddered although perhaps only a veterinarian would really know. The Japanese always say a cow’s udder is just “oppai,” which tells me that there is no common use word like “udder.” Long live udders!

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