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Top 10 Moos on Japan this Week

June 14, 2010
  1. Peeing Dog Toy: more wacky canine robots @Japan_Blogs
  2. 21 Awesome Japanese Kanji Shirts @SnappyDoggy
  3. Japanese football fans in a screaming competition @wtfjapan
  4. The Tongue-Twister Testicle Challenge @wtfjapan
  5. Japan Home to World’s Oldest Living Dog @808armada
  6. Walking in Japan is hectic! @newsonjapan
  7. Japan to test powering space travel with solar Sail @SmplyGrnSltns
  8. Whaling protesters demand release of Tokyo Two @TokyoUpdates
  9. Photo: Rainy day in the Gardens of the Imperial Palace @localjapantimes
  10. Awesome Japanese commercials @humorusjapan

International Bovine News:

11. Blue Öyster Cult: I’ll have some cowbell with that umlaut, please  @moooobar

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