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Ask Udder Smith: How do I handle Japan’s humid summer?

June 16, 2010

Dear Udder:

It seems like I just packed away my humidifier after winter, and now I found mold behind the couch, when I vacuumed there yesterday.  How do I handle Japan’s humid summer?

Melting in Kamakura

Dear Melting:

Any bovine housewife knows, in Japan there are not just four seasons but six – the normal four, plus rainy season and cherry blossom season.  In order to get through rainy season and the subsequent humid months of summer, you must change your house wardrobe accordingly.  There is a various “moisture eaters” you can buy at the store (plastic boxes, pellets, etc).  Put them out now, before rainy season starts in earnest, and keep them in your house the entire summer.  Closets, behind couches, any place where you notice dampness – there are also handy hangar versions, to hang in between clothing.  It is also gokkiburi season in Japan – cockroaches – so you probably want to put out some traps or gokkiburi dango – poison snacks for the creepy critters – in order to get through this season of damp and heat.

Udderly Yours,

Udder Smith

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