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Ask Udder Smith: Why do Japanese people always want to know your blood type?

June 25, 2010

Dear Udder:

My new beaux, a Taurus, has been asking me my blood type.  Since I am a Virgo, I am shy to reveal such information.  Is he doubting I come from good stock?  Why do blood types have special meaning in Japan?

Good Stock in Hokkaido

Dear Good Stock in Hokkaido:

Popular wisdom in Japan says blood type determines your personality, and therefore has a relation to your compatibility with others. Since you obviously put value on zodiac signs, think of blood type as a Japanese version.  As long as your beaux does not take blood types too seriously, it can be a superficial way of getting to know someone.

For a run-down on personalities related to different blood types (and the history behind it), see this article at Japan Visitor.

Good luck with your beaux! And remember, no blood-letting…

Udder Smith

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