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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 183 – The Maku-Makudo War

July 26, 2010



We start the show with an apology for the fake news story we covered last week, disappointing a lot of Chinese students who were looking forward to free sex with a Japanese porn star.

Our friend and listener, Dan Savage, has cranked up a brand-new podcast about Japan called Savage Japan. Be sure to check it out!

Georg with no E wrote to tell us about an interesting new site called, wherein you can show your love for Planet Japan or your other favorite podcasts or blogs with a quick click.

Walker wrote to ask about the possibility of picking up a used iPhone when he gets to Japan.

We honor actor Mel Gibson with our Dick of the Week award, as well as a woman at McDonald’s who tried a unique to get a free hamburger.

Speaking of McDonald’s…a big Internet war has broken out over the “official” nickname for McDonald’s in Japan. Should it be “maku” or “makudo?”

Everybody loves geishas, but they’re generally not available to those of us with limited means – until now! Now you can get discount geishas! Woo-hoo!

There has been a big push recently, in Japan, to push their students to become proficient in English. At Rakuten, they’ve declared English their official language.

This week’s Nihongo a Go Go takes a look at “kao ga hiroi,” which means “wide face,” and generally means that you are a very friendly or sociable person. Our onomatopoeia is “gan gan,” which represents the sound of a bell, and is often used to describe a throbbing headache.

We end the show with a couple of well-deserved shots at Sarah Palin and a song by Japanese resident Chris Juergensen and a song called Long Time Wondering, courtesy of

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!

Want to listen to more Planet Japan episodes? The complete archive is available at our website.

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