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Planet Japan Podcast – Ep 184: All Aboard the Chu Chu Train

August 9, 2010


We start off with our very first audio tweet from our friend Tokyo Dan, and talk about our dinner with Corey and Kazuya, who came all the way to Okayama to worship at the alter of Planet Japan.

A Japanese supertanker was damaged and no one is sure exactly what happened, although Al Qaeda is taking credit for it.

The Japanese government is not doing a very good job of keeping track of its centenarians, and people are starting to think something is fishy.

We merge our Dick of the Week with our Religion Corner and give the honor to Dr. Terry Jones, who has organized a Burn the Quran Day on September 11th. Oh yeah – I’m sure that’ll go well.

The Japanese government is now sponsoring sporting events in an effort to bring men and women together with the hope that they’ll get busy and start making more Japanese babies.

In our Tech Corner, we take a look at a new billboard from NEC in Japan that will recognize your face and age and change the content accordingly. Some may worry about invasion of privacy issues, but NEC insists that no images will be stored.

In this week’s Nihongo a Go Go, we talk about blue asses  – “shiri ga aoi” – which means that you’re a greenhorn. And of course, “chu chu” means that you’re kissing someone.

We end the show with some music by a Norwegian singer named Hilde Klain – aka Sweet Annie and a song called Little Boy, brought to you courtesy of

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!

To listen to more Planet Japan episodes, check out our website archive!

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