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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

September 2, 2010
  1. NYTimes: Signature Blends at Tokyo Bars @JapanEats
  2. An Interview With Japanese Steampunk Artist Haruo Suekichi @crunchgear
  3. 9 Beloved Characters Made Horrifying by Japan @JayOatway
  4. Kobe eyes tattoo ban at Suma beach after marijuana case @JapanInfoNet
  5. Japanese girls develop a taste for men’s boobs. @newsonjapan
  6. 5 things which tell autumn is coming to Japan @japundit
  7. Japan’s outspoken and potential next PM Ozawa does not like British @japansociety
  8. Apocalyptic artwork of Tokyo by illustrator Tokyo Genso. @Japan_Blogs
  9. Video:  You’ve never been served icecream like this @Iconic88
  10. Naked Romp lands Man, woman, before prosecutors.


11.  Break-dancing hilarious video of a Holy cow

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