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Planet Japan Podcast – Ep 186: The Plight of the Chicken Sexers

September 7, 2010

We start the show by whining about the hot weather.

Tokyo Fantasy is a Japanese art collective that has published some very weird paintings of what Tokyo might look like after the apocalypse.

We have a new fan who’s a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. This is very exciting news for us, because we figure that we will now be able to influence world events!

We talk about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque and note that The Preacher and The Skeptic have written a fascinating blog post dealing with the subject.

We got an email from Hiroki who has started a brand-new video podcast called Bad Communication. It’s a fun, interesting podcast that you should definitely check out!

There is a serious shortage of chicken sexers in Japan – those fine folks who separate baby chicks into male and female. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, you can pull down $10,000 a month if you’re really good.

Sumo wrestlers in Japan have been given free iPads from the Sumo Association, which is much easier to use than an iPhone when you have really fat fingers.

We don’t tip in Japan, so the owner of a ramen shop in Osaka was very surprised when someone left a $10,000 tip, with instructions to use it to feed needy children.

Our Dick of the Week is a Japanese woman who forced her boyfriend to run around town naked. Of course, it might have just been their idea of foreplay.

The Kobe city government, in a classic case of overreaction, has proposed a law that would ban any tattoos on public beaches, in response to some folks who were arrested for pot possession at a music festival on the beach.

This week’s Nigongo a Go Go includes “Uma ga au,” which means “horses meeting,” and is an old fashioned way to refer to a situation where there is a meeting of the minds. Our onomatopoeia is “biyon biyon,” which is the sound of someone jumping.

We end the show with a great blues tune called Wound Up Tight from Hal Newman and the Mystics of Time, from Nashville, Tennessee. It’s courtesy of

That’s it for this time. Thanks for listening!

(To listen to more episodes of Planet Japan, visit our website!)

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