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Ask Udder Smith: What to Expect When Expecting… Japan-style!

September 8, 2010

Dear Udder:

We’ve just confirmed I am pregnant with our first wee heifer —  since this will be the first time giving birth, in any country, I wondered how Japan differs from Western countries?

Tickled Pink in Kobe

Dear Tickled:

Congratulations!  One of the happiest events for any bovine — to welcome a little one to the family herd.

First off, realize you do have choices in Japan, like any country — but you may have to search harder to unearth your choices in Japan.  Here is a quick breakdown of typical birth and pre-birth practices in Japan:

– Painkillers are not a given. You must ask and search if you want a little help from your friendly meds.

– Your hospital stay will be much longer than in-and-out-in-24 hours;  expect at least five days, much more if you have any complications.

– Fathers can be present at birth, but ask first and ahead of time.

-Typical tests are a little different in Japan than elsewhere. If you have any special concerns, make them known sooner than later.

-Support groups in English exist in bigger cities, especially Tokyo, but even in a small town, you can still find support if you go to your local city office with a list of questions and concerns. The internet, that great express-train of thought, can help, too.

-Home-births and water-births, with licensed midwives, are entirely possible.

-Food will be more important in Japan than in your home country — great nutrition and strict ideas on weight gain dominate in Japan.

To start you on your path of research, here is a link

Best of luck…. moooooos.


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