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Planet Japan Podcast – Ep 187: Inside the Chamber of Death

September 20, 2010

We open the show with some comments from Hiroki (the puerile ruffian) at Bad Communication, and a former real-life chicken sexer tells us that it’s not the glamorous job it’s cracked up to be. We also heard from Ann Kullberg, a truly wonderful artist, known for her amazing colored pencil work.

The infamous and secretive death chamber in Japan, where criminals are executed by hanging, was finally opened to the media, giving the public their first look inside.

Christine O’Donnell has hit the national spotlight after winning the GOP nomination to become Delaware’s next summer. Everyone’s talking about her stand against masturbation. Hands up if you agree with her – no, the other hand!

Speaking of which, this week’s Dick of the Week is a guy who deposited his “manly juices” into his co-worker’s water bottle. We award a second award to a Japanese third-grade teacher who put forth a rather strange word problem to illustrate a math problem.

Some Japanese university students have made a splash with a very low-tech version of the iPad called the Padnote.

This week’s Nihongo a Go Go includes “neko no hitai,” which means the “forehead of a cat,” and is used to describe something that is small in size, and “ira ira,” which means to be frustrated or annoyed.

We’ll close out the show this week with some powerhouse rock n roll soul from Davina Robinson, who hails from Philadelphia, but is based out of Osaka these days. The name of the song is Osaka Boys and is courtesy

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!

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