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Top 10 Moooos this week

September 24, 2010
  1. Japanese hacker responsible for Twitter attack @GaijinPot
  2. Evolta mascot robot walking from Tokyo to Kyoto @Muzachan
  3. In Japan, 2 big oops: not take off shoes before entering a house, & pass immigration w/ a drug conviction @AsiaSociety
  4. Here are some signs and notices written in English that were discovered throughout the world @wordsteps_en
  5. Image: Oh Japanese Engrish…R =/= L!!! @polymetrica
  6. Cool JAPAN!: Japanese Kimono Style Outfits for Dogs @japan_style
  7. Video: The Most Awesome Dog House in Japan, a 2.5-meter-high replica of Matsumoto Castle @JapanPhotos
  8. Video: Crazy Japan Ad–craziest roach killer commercial ever @copyranter
  9. Video: Japanese farting Contest @shinpuren
  10. Video: Time for the boobies to show off @wtfjapan


11. Funny Cow

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