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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 188 – Paris is NOT in Japan!

October 5, 2010



We open the show with some sad news about Paris Hilton, who wasn’t allowed to enter Japan because she is apparently a very bad girl.

China and Japan have been engaged in a battle over some goofy islands, which recently came to a boiling point after Japan arrested a Chinese captain accused of fishing in Japanese waters.

In this week’s Religion Corner, we take a look at a recent PEW study that found that atheists actually know more about religion than members of those religions. Take the online version of the PEW quiz and see how you compare with others.

There’s a fun new web series called English Teachers – it’s all about the lives and loves of the teachers at an Eikaiwa (English Conversation School) in Tokyo. Check out the first two episodes here!

Our Dick of the Week is a Japanese man who got in trouble for not following the proper procedure when his wife died.

In our Tech Corner, we examine an artistic way to slow drivers down. The video below shows how it works.

Our Nihongo a Go Go includes “gara gara,” which represents something that’s almost empty, and “mushi no shirase” which literally means “news from a bug,” and is used when someone is talking about having a premonition of something bad.

Doug interviews Canadian Walker Smith, who is in Japan working for the JET program – a government program that hires foreign teachers to teach in the public school system. He’s got some very useful information for anyone thinking about teaching in Japan.

We close the show with a poignant song from John Krane John Krane called The Story of the Japanese Bat Bomb – courtesy of

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!



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