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Top 10 Moooos on Japan this week

November 4, 2010
  1. 10 best – can’t miss- to do in Tokyo @FotSagaLatino
  2. Illustrated A to Z of Japan @bloglinkjapan
  3. Best headline ever: Miffy, Hello Kitty Take Bunny Beef to Court, on Japan Real Time @sanchanta
  4. Someone’s sleeping on the train’s floor. believe me his snore fills in the car.@ totomai
  5. Japan looks to ancient village wisdom to save biodiversity@ otherdiscovery
  6. Hooters have claimed the first Japanese restaurant will be a “family place”, but don’t be fooled @ cnngo
  7. Japanese Castle mascots @jcexplorer
  8. Anti-terrorism data leaked on Net @ tokyoreporter
  9. Tokyo DIY Gardening Interactive Map Ready for Exploring @ greenzjp_en


11. Holy Cow variety act (video) @moooobar

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