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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

November 26, 2010
  1. 68% of married women in their 40s said that the main source of stress in their lives was their husbands. @japan_pulse
  2. 10 Japanese Fashion Flops @BlogLinkJapan
  3. Japan’s most popular internet search terms of 2010. Do any surprise you? @japansoc
  4. Things I Love About Japan… @BlogLinkJapan
  5. Roppongi Hills Xmas illumination 2010 @japantwo
  6. Meet Japan’s twitter bots. They’re helpful, chatty, funny… and everywhere. @japan_pulse
  7. Millipede outbreak on JR Kyushu line causes train delays, cancellations @mdnjp
  8. Rather cute! Japan Hires a Chihuahua Police Dog @wtfjapan
  9. You want some neck-stretching device from Japan? @hp88
  10. Haruki Murakami’s best selling stories finally hit the big screens @cnngo


11. Cooling Miss Daisy – Why thousands of litres of milk are lost each year @moooobar

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