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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 191 – All Hail the Samurai!

December 1, 2010


We open with a celebration of Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.

We are also celebrating our very first podcast recorded on Doug’s shiny new iPad. By the way, BIG NEWS from Softbank in Japan – the company is GIVING AWAY FREE iPADS with a signed data contract. The promotion runs from December 3 through February 28.

Japan will soon make the big switch to digital TV, making millions of TVs obsolete, so Jen’s family embarks on a big TV adventure.

We have bad news for folks in Japan who may want to send Christmas packages to the U.S.

This week’s Notes From the Twitterverse has been morphed into a triple Dick of the Week award – including Bryan Fisher, who thinks that the Medal of Honor has become too “feminized,” Michelle Bachmann, because she makes stuff up, and Willow and Bristol Palin, well…just because, really.

We take a look at the popularity of the 19th-century samurai, Ryoma, in Japan.

We discover what makes a Japanese woman say “I never want to see that jerk again!”

The big Meet-Up / Party is coming soon! Join the fun in Sannomiya on December 12! Details HERE!

We close the show with a great song from Japanese singer K. Juno. It’s called “Do You Know?” and it’s courtesy of

That’s it for this time. Thanks for listening!


Want to hear more Planet Japan episodes? Visit our

website to access the entire archive!

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