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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 193 – Inside the Suicide Forest

January 12, 2011



We open the show with New Year’s greetings and with the exciting news that Jesus is scheduled to return on May 21 – but the bad news is that the world will officially end on October 21!

Doug has big news about his new companion blog for Planet Japan called Japanapalooza! Check it out and leave a comment – we’ll feature you on the next show!

Pepsi has a new drink called Pepsi Mont Blanc. It’s flavored with roasted chestnuts and is pretty darn tasty.

Peter the just okay sent us a wacky email, and we encourage him to start his own podcast.

The annual suicide statistics for Japan have been released and for the 13th year in a row, the number has gone over 13,000. VBS.TV has posted a haunting 20-minute documentary about The Suicide Forest, the place at the foot of Mt. Fuji which has become a popular place to end it all.

Looking for a cheap and unique location for your next wedding? Some McDonald’s in Hong Kong will soon offer McWeddings, where you’ll be able to tie the knot over a Big Mac and fries.

That crazy nut Saddam Hussein thought it would be a good idea to commission a Koran that was written in his own blood, and now the government of Iraq is pondering what to do with it.

This week’s Dick of the Week is Jared Lee Loughner -an easy choice.

Nihongo a Go Go is back with “kuchi ga karui,” which literally means “a light mouth,” and is used to denote someone who can’t keep a secret. We also look at “bura bura,” which means to not a have a purpose, or to veg out, essentially.

We have a short interview with Doug’s friend and colleague, Kenji – who has gone “whole hog” and become a Japanese citizen.

We end with some cool acapella music from The Danny Fong Quartet from Ontario, Canada. They’re singing Cecilia, the classic Simon and Garfunkle song, and it’s courtesy of Music Alley. Below is a bonus video of Danny and David Fong singing Scarborough Fair in 8-part harmony.

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening!


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