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Ask Udder Smith: Mooove out the old and celebrate Youth!

January 17, 2011

Dear Udder,

I am a young heifer in Hokkaido, and just celebrated my coming of age day. I am curious how bovines in America celebrate adulthood.  Can you share?

20 year old from the North Island

Dear 20:

First of all, congratulations on your coming of age.  It is admirable Japan still recognizes, as a society, the official entry into adulthood for its youth.  Best wishes.

Unfortunately, I can not tell you much about how American bovines celebrate, since we do not have an official holiday, and actually, Americans move into adulthood in segments.  At 16 years old, you can marry and drive a car, at 18 years old, you can die for your country, at 21, you can legally drink — most Americans highly anticipate the 21st birthday for the drinking, but I am not sure if their actions make them more adult.  If any readers out there can share their own experiences or different customs??  Perhaps you, Dear 20, can tell me how you celebrated, besides wearing a kimono and listening to a speech?

Mooo to Youth.


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