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Planet Japan Podcast: Ep 195 – How to Hug Your Wife

February 23, 2011


(Doug extends his apologies for being an idiot and forgetting to check the mic settings, thus resulting in Jen’s usually sonorous voice being somewhat diminished.)

We start things off with the big announcement that Doug is leaving Okayama for sunnier climes down south in Okinawa, and so Planet Japan will be on hiatus for about 3 months while Doug gets his act together.

We are shocked to find out that tentacle porn is a real thing. Parrot told us about it, and we didn’t believe him, but now we do. We also apologize for misleading people about LED smiles. It’s not really a trend – it was just in a TV commercial.

Beloved Wife Day was recently celebrated in Japan, in an effort to get husbands to hug their wives more often. The idea is to hug your wife at 8:09 and that will bring about world peace. Okay – good luck with that.


The 502nd annual Naked Man Festival was recently held here in Okayama – now officially recognized as one of the three oddest festivals in Japan. Thousands of semi-naked men run around in the cold chasing a stick. What could be more fun?


We celebrate our newfound religion as we worship A & W root beer.


We have some exciting news for foreigners who live in Japan and who are yearning for more home entertainment options. is not normally accessible except in the U.S., but we’ve found a workaround in the form of a free piece of software called Hotspot Shield. offers an amazing selection of both free and pay American TV programs, and has an amazing catalogue of 1500 (and growing) excellent documentary films – all completely free.


Our Dick of the Week is an immigration officer in the U.K. who wanted a little time apart from his wife, so he came up with a very unique solution to his problem.


We end things this time with a song from a great singer named Alex Grantham from Ontario Canada, and a song called “Drunk Dreaming.” It’s courtesy of


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