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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

March 5, 2011
  1. Yakuza Brokered Fake Marriage Between Chinese Student & 16-year-old Girl @JamesJPN
  2. Big in Japan > The trouble with today’s youth is nothing new @japantimes_life
  3. How high do you need to be before you attempt to tempura-fry a PSP? @TokyoBounce
  4. Make-your-own jello sushi – Holy Kaw! @Sushionaplate
  5. “Handmade” vending machine cake, you aren’t fooling anyone. @sandrajapandra
  6. Famous Japanese Events: from the February 2011 edition of the Japan Blog Matsuri @reesan
  7. Closer look at Roppongi, one of the most controversial places in Tokyo @CNNGo
  8. “The Yakuza: No Longer Welcome In Japan.” Why the police cracked down… @jakeadelstein
  9. That’s a pretty smart chimpanzee! Chimpanzee vs. Octopus @JapanProbe
  10. Japanese Sleeping – 10 @BlogLinkJapan



11.  A Ranchwife’s Slant–A Tribute to Cows @moooobar
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