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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week

June 17, 2011
  1. Japanese Yakuza tries to cash in on tsunami clean-up @guardian_world
  2. Women’s cool biz campaign steaming ahead at Tokyo department store @tokyoreporter
  3. Mesmerizing, hypnotic 9FT tall silicon women inspired by ANIME, SCI-FI & PINUP.. @stylenoirmag
  4. Cool! Coca-Cola Japan wins Warc Prize for Asian Strategy @johnkerrnz
  5. Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces @japan_tokyo
  6. (More on that:) Japanese scientist makes poopburger @J3SSL33
  7. Never be late again with this clever clock design  @GuyKawasaki
  8. Wind Power in Europe MORE Reliable than Nuclear Power in Japan @zshahan3
  9. The speedy recovery of Japan @WiseFreeman
  10. Act of kindness worth living for – The Japan Times @Love_Japan
11. Ty Murray gives a quick PBR 101 breakdown
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