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Top 10 Moos on Japan from Twitter Jan 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

By guestblogger @JapanLite
1. Japan Lite: Reflections on being an ex-pat

2. Japan Lite: Herbivorous men: Where’s the beef?

3. Bizarre Nagano ski resort a true winter hot spot via @Wendy_Tokunaga

4. Japanese kanji: Japanese character for “Involvement” via @totally_relaxed

5. Japanese Language: It’s Murphy’s Law if you don’t get the joke in Japanese via @japantimes

6. Japanese now: “Sakura:” cherry blossoms. Also, a word for people paid to line up outside a club or restaurant to make it appear popular & attract customers. @Jakeadelstein

Note: You don’t actually have to be a “paid” person. You can just be helping out your friends, for example.

7. Do you know the world’s most-visited sacred site is in Japan? via @kyotojournal

8. Jizo For Tsunami Survivors, Japan Probe @watwoman

9. Cycling Fact: Two out of every three people in Japan own a bicycle (via @tokyobybike)

10. Fatter Cows, Sicker People

Humor Us Guide to Japan on Twitter:

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