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Top 10 Moos on Japan this week: Men sit down to pee, a penguin is at large, and drums are used to coax gators to mate

March 24, 2012

Top 10 Moos on Japan from Twitter March 24, 2012
By guest blogger @JapanLite

1. Japan Lite: Austerity–embraced in the countryside @drusilladelanor:

2. Japan Lite: Is Japan’s university enrollment season really a problem? @808armada

3. Tips for Westerners New to Japan or Why Men Must Sit Down to Pee @Currawong

4. Tokyo aquarium’s penguin still at large, touring rivers

5. Not so strange after all: The real Japan up close

6. US ambassador to Japan John Roos’s thoughts on the first anniversary of the 3/11 disasters in Japan @USATODAY

7.  FILM: Jokichi Takamine, who sent the Sakura trees to the United States 100 years ago.  @ambassadorroos

8. Japan Develops Flashing LED Shoelaces, Perfect For Night Joggers and Pet-Walkers @survivingjapan

9. BOOKS: The Face of Jizo: Image and Cult in Medieval Japanese Buddhism by Hank Glassman

10. Drums fail in Sapporo zoo bid to coax gators to mate @japantimes


11. Cows around the world mourn loss of super-stud Jocko, who fathered over 400,000 offspring

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