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Mysterious Racoon Dogs, Lady ‘Kagas’ and Cows have ‘relations’ on Parkway

June 8, 2012

Top 10 Moos on Japan from Twitter June 8, 2012

By guest blogger @JapanLite

1. Why I Don’t Buy Japan’s Nuclear Restart @HuffPostWorld

2. Japan Lite: See Japan by Camping Car @JapanLite

3. Rescued canines trained to give disaster-zone therapy

4. Pet shops banned from displaying cats, dogs after 8 p.m.

5. Raccoon dog evades palace guards
More about the mystery behind these creatures in Japanese folklore at Mark Schumacher’s site

6. Setouchi Triennale 2013 (art festival on Seto Inland Sea Islands) via @Ogijima

7. Video: Who would have thought basket weaving could be so captivating?! @AJKanazawa

8. Power-saving eased heat island effect in Tokyo last year

9. ‘Lady Kagas’ launch ‘onsen’ tourism campaign in Ishikawa via @AJKanazawa

10. The meaning behind colors and types of Maneki Neko Fortune Cat poses
More on Maneki Neko: the lucky cat


11. Cows have ‘relations’ on Pa. parkway via @moooobar

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