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Polka Dots in NY, a Noodle Mascot and Cow Bathing

July 21, 2012

Top 10 Moos on Japan July 21, 2012

By guest blogger @JapanLite

1. Japan Lite: Is setsuden (power-saving) really necessary? via @japantimes_life

2. Japan Lite: Why we came to Japan via @japantimes_life

3. Yayoi Kusama – Art’s Polka-Dot Princess Returns to New York (slideshow) via @Shogannai:

4. Sexist Soccer? Japan’s World Cup Women Fly Economy; Men Relax in Business Class via @Wendy_Tokunaga

5. HAFU a film about the experiences of mixed-Japanese living in Japan, coming 2012 via @JapanNewbie

6. Japanese Language:To Obey–shitagau, shitagaeru via @totally_relaxed:

7. Kagawa’s new mascot has noodles on the brain via @japantimes

8. Second Japan nuclear unit resumes power generation via @reuters

9. From afternoon drinking parties to pricey travel packages, Japanese seniors are the country’s big spenders. via @Wendy_Tokunaga

10. O-karikomi: Japanese gardening via @dosankodebbie


11. Cows get bathed after work in Indonesia via @moooobar

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