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Tokyo’s Logo in Bid for 2020 Olympics, a Fad for Fangs, and Can Cows Predict Rain?

September 8, 2012

Top 10 Moos on Japan from Twitter, September 8, 2012

By guest blogger Japan Lite

1. Japan Lite: Vet Clinics for the rich and famous pets via @JapanLite

2. Japan Lite: Japan’s career fairies via @JapanLite

3. The logo to promote Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympics via @jeansnow

4. Nankai quake projected toll radically raised via @japantimes

5. Kuzumochi–a popular summer Japanese dessert via @inlovewithjapan

6. Material girls: Japan’s preteen model boom

7. Tourism up, common sense down, on Ogasawara islands via @AJWasahi

8. AKB48 member’s double tooth triggers a fad for fangs via @AJWasahi

9. Doraemon becomes official resident of Kawasaki a century before his birth via @japantimes

10. The Tomato boom via @japan_pulse


11. Can Cows Lying Down Predict Rain? via @moooobar



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