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Why Cows?

You’ve probably herd of the “Six degrees of Separation:” that everyone is at most six steps away from everyone else. We cows at Humor-Us, feel that everyone in this world has a bovine connection. Uncover yours today!

How to find your bovine connection:

  1. Your name: think about your name. Is your name Kawaguchi, Muhammad or Alfalfa?

My friend, Barun Sen, has the initials B.S. Some celebrities with obvious cow connections are: Sally Fields, Sandra Bullock, and author Graham Greene.

2. What is your profession? Are you into dairy farming or raising beef cattle? Are you a cowgirl?

3. Your diet: Do you eat a lot of grains and salads? Are you vegetarian?

4. Where are you from? West Mooreland, Moscow or Mooloolaba?

5. Do you follow the Dallas Cowboys?

6. Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Do you party till the cows come home? Do you smoke grass? Drink Red Bull?

7. Or maybe you just love to B.S.

If one or more of the above are true, then you’ve found your cow connection!

If you cannot find a cownnection, you poor sod (not that we have anything against sod), you’ve still come to the right place–because everyone has two calves.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the bovine. Moooo!

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